Carleigh Nesbit was seventeen years old, still a high school senior, when she put out this first CD.   We started out working on some art that was very much in the tradition of debut pop/folk/country — a nice headshot and a simple attractive text treatment of her name.  But as we got closer to a release date, Devon Sproule, one of Carleigh’s mentors (and a frequent client of mine) suggested that she should go for a look that would appeal to an artier singer/songwriter audience as well.  So we changed directions.

I’m glad we did because this is a much more interesting CD cover than the one I started.  The trick was to keep the earthy tones of the music’s country roots, but also to pick up on the themes of innocence, femininity, and teenage romance in the songs, particularly in the album’s title, which comes from a line in the lyrics of “I’ve Got a Secret.”

Like the flower to the bee,
honey, lean on into me…
I’ve got a secret.
Let me let you in on it.

So I went for a very simple pencil sketch painted very loosely and casually in digital media. Carleigh and I also did a couple of photo shoots and we used one of the headshots for the disk’s interior.

I wish I could claim to have shot the portrait we used for the back cover, but that honor belongs to her Dad. (Good job, Dad.)

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