Most posters for musicians begin with photo of some kind.  But when Brennan Gilmore commissioned me to create something for his bluegrass band, Walker’s Run, he said he didn’t want to use a photo.    He just wanted to see what I’d come up with.

My only request is that it be something evocative of the darker side of the Appalachians — the hollers instead of the highways…  If there can be an urban influence as well, even better…

He also mentioned something about a surreal take on an eight-point buck, and it kind of took off from there.  It’s inspired by an old WPA Depression Era poster for the Department of the Interior from the 1930’s, originally attributed to John Wagner.

I borrowed some bits and pieces of that poster. I also used two wonderful fonts (Submarine vs. Whale and Greensboro) designed by Lyle Zapato, also based on WPA posters.

I donated my entire fee for this poster to Partners in Health as part of my Posters for Haiti fundraising campaign to raise money for medical care for victims of the 2010 earthquake.